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Commercial Laundry Services

Many businesses use linen material on a regular basis, whether it’s as decor in a restaurant, in a surgical center or as part of uniforms. You want your employees to look and feel their best which can be done with clean and professional looking quality products. If you are such a business, a commercial laundry is a perfect choice for you!

It is also extremely crucial for you to make business decisions that would be monetarily beneficial in the long run.

Why Choose Granada for Commercial Laundry?

At our laundry in Granada Hills, we provide you tons of major benefits that can help you run your business functions run smoothly while also ensure profitability for your company as our services start from as low as 99 cents a pound.

Apart from just monetary reasons, here are some other ones on why you should opt for commercial laundry services:

1. Efficiency and Productivity:

Without commercial laundry services, your linens will have to be cleaned by your in-house staff. The system of sorting them, loading them into the washing machine, drying them and folding them perfectly can prove to be extremely expensive within your business’s space for instance high energy and water bills along with materials, washing supplies, chemicals, machines, etc. This process would then require full-time employees without missing a day or your business functions would be drastically affected.

By outsourcing this task to Granada Laundry, you and your employees can focus on business matters that deserve your time and undivided attention.

2. Eradicating Regulation Concerns

According to the industry you’re from, the added benefit of a commercial laundry is its focus on compliance. For instance, if you are an individual from the medical industry, you must be aware of the cleanliness guidelines that you’re supposed to adhere to and failing to follow these may cost your business big time.

By using our commercial laundry services you will be able to steer clear of the problems as well as the costs associated with adhering to strict regulations.

Our commercial laundry service handles businesses such as healthcare, spas, chiropractors, medical clinics, industrial, gyms, bed & breakfast, restaurants, Air B&B, catering companies, hospitality, health clubs, salons, rehab, massage centers, hotels, motels, group homes, colleges, government, military, and sports jerseys. We launder items such as towels, aprons, uniforms, sheets, sleeping bags, quilts, hospital gowns, and of course, clothing. Payment can be by credit card or invoiced.

Our commercial laundry in Granada Hills helps you big time in improving the productivity of your employees along with eliminating any extra cost from your business budget.

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