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Laundromat Services - Card Operated Self-Service Laundry

Whether you’re an individual with no time on your hands, a college student in the first year that has just moved out or a person with a situation that has just come out of the blue that requires you to attend a business meeting with no clean clothes or if you find dirty clothes lined up in your apartment for weeks on end, a laundromat service can be your perfect companion or saving grace.

Why Choose Granada Laundry?

At Granada Hills, We have a self-service, card laundromat not coin laundry so you don’t have to get those quarters. Also, we are the laundromat that doesn’t charge for the cards!! We absorb the cost of the cards, but because of them, we can do special pricing.

We have a nice mix of laundromat machines for you to use: 

  • Our 5 Top Loaders are $2.00. 
  • We have 14 20-pound machines that are $2.75. 
  • We have 12 30-pound machines that are $3.25. 
  • We have 7 40-pound machines that are $4.25. 
  • And we have 4 75-pound machines that are $7.25.

But wait, that’s not it! We have reduced prices from 12 midnight – 4 a.m. every day and from 6 a.m. – noon on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. At these times, the prices are lower.

  • The top loaders are only $1.60, a savings of 40 cents a machine.
  • The 20-pound machines are only $2.20, a savings of 55 cents.
  • The 30-pound machines are $2.50 or a savings of 75 cents.
  • The 40-pound machines are $3.40 or a savings of 85 cents.
  • And our Super Giant 75 pound machines are $5.80 or a savings of $1.45. And Wednesdays from 6 am to 2 pm is really special. All washes except the triple loaders are half price.

When you do your laundry at Granada Hills Laundry, for every $20 you spend, you get a $2 bonus and a raffle ticket for a free 50” tv.  Drawings are held once a month. 

In addition, while you are at the laundry, bring your computer or cell phone. We offer free wifi!

We take pride in a clean, self-service laundromat where the machines are always working!

Clean clothes are just minutes away with our self- service, card-operated laundromat!